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Ten steps to create a hotel experience at home

You don’t need deep pockets or an interior designer’s eye to create a hotel experience at home

There are many little pleasures to be found in a hotel room. A change of scenery, peace and quiet and luxury consumables can all transform hotel stays into enjoyable experiences that’ll live long in the memory.

Hotels charge a premium for these lovely environments, but it’s easy to create a hotel experience at home by borrowing some of their tricks and techniques. After all, hotel rooms aren’t magical – they just use high-quality finishings and clever design to create welcoming, comforting spaces. While you can’t relocate your bedroom to a coastal setting or silence the kids downstairs, there are ways to create a hotel experience at home in even the most compact of bedrooms…

Appealing to the senses

1. Invest in a scented candle. We tend to take the natural aromas of our home for granted, but adding a nice fragrance gives a new dimension to even the most familiar of spaces.

2. Put a reed diffuser in your bathroom or en-suite. Again, smell is our most undervalued sense, and a fruity or fresh scent in a bathroom makes it feel more indulgent somehow.

3. Add a mini-fridge or coffee percolator. Keep bottled water, miniature chocolates and coffee cups handy for small taste indulgences that don’t require a trip to the kitchen.

4. Buy new bedding. There’s something very satisfying about settling into high-thread cotton sheets under crisp bedding. Ditch tired bed covers and buy soft, tactile replacements.

5. Dim the lights. A ceiling light dimmer helps you create a more peaceful mood than a bulb at full glare. Also look for dimmable bedside lamps, thick lampshades and/or LED spotlights.

Simplify and refine

If your budget stretches a little further, you can also make your bedroom easier to clean and maintain. That’ll give your Queen of Gleam cleaner more time to focus on other parts of your home…

6. Wall-mount a TV if you have one. Hotels do this routinely (it’s cheap and easy) to add a sense of refinement. Plus, it makes whatever the TV used to stand on easier to dust.

7. Clear bedside units. The same is true of bedside units. Many of us are guilty of leaving clutter around – stashing it away makes dusting easier while creating a more relaxing ambience.

8. Fit dust protectors to pillows and mattresses. These are comfortable to lie on, and they also minimise dust mites, which is crucial for people with allergies.

9. Add soft furnishings. You can help to create a hotel experience at home by adding plump cushions to the bed, thick rugs on the floor, padding against wooden headboards, and so on.

10. Take a night off cooking. Many of us would happily eat a takeaway in a hotel bed, so why not do the same at home? There’s less cooking and cleaning to deal with afterwards, too!

Finally, a deep clean of your bedroom can transform its aura from tired and stress-inducing to calming. Our staff can bring dusty skirting boards back to life, restore sparkle to smudged windows and mirrors, and extend the lifespan of blinds and worktops. It’ll be a lot easier to create a hotel experience at home once we’ve scrubbed it back to its former glory…

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