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Keeping your home clean between Queen of Gleam visits

We list ten simple tips for keeping your home clean between Queen of Gleam visits, helping our staff to achieve more on each visit

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshness and cleanliness your home enjoys following a visit from Queen of Gleam. Your worktops will sparkle, your floors will glisten, and dust will have been banished from exposed surfaces.

Unfortunately, homes never stay this spotless. Even the tidiest household will build up dirt on hall floors, smears over glass surfaces and toothpaste marks across bathroom sinks. However, there are numerous things you can do to preserve that just-cleaned ambience for longer. The ten steps below will ensure less preparatory work is needed during our next visit, meaning we can get straight on with our core tasks. After all, we’ll have less time for cleaning if there are piles of clutter to be moved before we can dust, or mounds of shoes to be relocated prior to turning on the vacuum cleaner…

1.      Create a basic routine.

If we visit your home every Tuesday, for instance, prepare for our arrival on Monday evenings. Put the dishwasher on, clear away post and paperwork, tidy up children’s toys and so forth.

2.      Put things away when they’re not needed.

As explained above, if our staff need to spend time clearing exposed surfaces, they’ll have less time to clean them. Put things away wherever possible – less clutter means more time dusting.

3.      If you don’t need it, bin it.

This builds on the last point. Fill your black bin, go to the local recycling centre, donate to charity shops or letterbox sack appeals. Tidy homes stay cleaner – and calmer – for longer.

4.      Put mats on both sides of external doors.

Houses often have three separate entrances from outside. Put an inside and outside mat at each door to remove as much moisture and dirt from shoes as possible. On a related note…

5.      Leave shoes at the front door.

Wearing shoes indoors generally results in mud, stones and dirt being deposited across your floors. Insist shoes are left at the door, regardless of complaints from certain family members!

6.      Empty the bins.

Keep on top of your bins, emptying them in line with Cumberland Council’s weekly refuse rota. Our staff will gladly empty bins, but our talents (and time) can be better deployed elsewhere.

7.      Keep windows open whenever possible.

Fresh air blowing in reduces dust, diminishes cooking or pet smells, and ensures post-clean aromas last longer. Leave windows latched during the day and keep trickle vents open at night.

8.      Wipe down worktops every night.

A quick wipe with kitchen spray and a damp cloth keeps surface dirt at bay, preventing oils or liquids from drying onto worktops. A momentary wipe could save our staff a lot of scrubbing.

9.      Rinse out baths and showers.

Expanding on the last tip, rinsing out baths and showers allows our team to bring the sparkle back more easily. No need to scrub – just run warm water over ceramics immediately after use.

10.  Do sensitive tasks yourself.

If you’d prefer to strip your own bed or scrub your own toilet, do so in the days before your next QoG visit and let us know they’ve been taken care of, so we can dedicate our time to other jobs.

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