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A local business with grand designs

Helping people has always been a passion for our ultimate Queen of Gleam, Linda. Setting up a cleaning business is an obvious way to do this. Not only does it make customers' lives easier by freeing up their time, it has also enabled Linda to help individuals into work by passing on her values and passions of dedication, being proud of their work, and understanding sometimes complex individual needs among customers and staff alike.

Linda has assembled a team of like-minded people. Each member of the Queen of Glean team has a positivity and passion around the work they do, from cleaning bathrooms to managing paperwork.

Queen of Gleam provides full residential and commercial cleaning services throughout Carlisle and Cumbria, and we are also happy to provide quotes for work outwith these locations. Get in touch with us to discuss our comprehensive cleaning services.


What our customers think of us

We've used Queen of Gleam since 2021. We've been consistently delighted with the quality of their work, and especially by how friendly and approachable Linda and Tracey have been at all times.

Laura Cumins

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