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Our Spanish cleaning products service

As well as offering exceptional domestic cleaning services, Queen of Gleam has also become a one-stop shop for Spanish cleaning products


When a Queen of Gleam cleaner leaves your home, they leave behind an array of fresh and enticing aromas. Chosen after years of experimentation and comparison, these industry-leading products often originate in Spain. Indeed, such is our love of Spanish cleaning products that in 2023, we opened a dedicated store in Carlisle, selling the finest brands and goods directly to our customers.


Opening a retail outlet isn’t a normal step for a domestic cleaning company – it might even be unique in Britain. However, it underlines Queen of Gleam’s commitment to giving new and existing customers alike the best possible service, over and above our regular scheduled cleans. After all, top-up cleans are highly recommended between scheduled appointments, and there may be elements of your home you’d prefer to clean on a daily basis or tackle by yourself…

The drain in Spain


Spanish cleaning products rose to prominence during the pandemic, as an army of TikTok and Instagram influencers began extolling the virtues of Mediterranean-manufactured liquids and gels. It’s perhaps unsurprising that a country renowned for growing citrus fruits would manufacture aromatic cleaning products, but the quality and cleaning power of these gels and liquids has also impressed everyone who’s used them.


Word quickly spread about the merits of products from companies like Asevi and Esencia. (A more comprehensive list of brands and products stocked in our store can be found on our dedicated Spanish cleaning products webpage.) Having equipped our teams of cleaners with Spanish cleaning products, we were surprised by the number of compliments they received – and the amount of enquiries about where these products could be sourced. With this in mind, we took the brave decision last year to open a dedicated store along Wigton Road in Carlisle, stocking only Spanish cleaning products.


The price is right


Today, our popular shop stocks almost a hundred different product ranges, from wax candle melts and hoover discs to floor cleaners and fabric softeners. As one of the few Spanish cleaning products retailers in north-west England, many of these products are sourced directly from importers in Merseyside, before our team bring them back to Cumberland. You might struggle to source many of these items yourself without buying in bulk (or having your own business), but Queen of Gleam has done the hard work for you. All you need to do is select your preferred products and fragrances!


To help our customers at a time of widespread economic hardship, our Spanish cleaning products are often available with discounts, multibuy deals and cost-saving bundles, such as the £10 detergent and fabric softener deal we ran for much of last year. Our store is open six days a week, and we actively welcome enquiries about other products and ranges, which we will endeavour to stock in future.


Bringing the Mediterranean to Carlisle


Alongside our professional house and commercial cleaning services, Queen of Gleam is proud to be a one-stop shop for the very best Spanish cleaning products in Carlisle, Cumberland and south-west Scotland. Get in touch with us for more information.

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