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Help us help you – tips for before we arrive

Queen of Gleam staff will get more cleaning done in our allotted time if your house is organised when we visit

The phrase ‘time is money’ could have been invented to cover services like domestic cleaning. At Queen of Gleam, we charge on an hourly basis for the services of our experienced cleaners. And while our staff can achieve a great deal in an hour, their productivity depends to an extent on how organised each property is when they arrive.

In terms of cleaning kitchens, tasks like wiping down sinks and scrubbing countertops are all in a day’s work to us. However, we’re not necessarily expecting to have to wash pots, scrub teabag stains or bag up overflowing rubbish. These jobs all take up valuable time, which could be better spent restoring that unmistakeable gleam of cleanliness that comes from banishing dust and dirt.

These are some of the things you can do to help us, before we arrive to help you…

1. Identify your priorities

We’re often asked to do deep cleans or whole house cleans, giving every corner the full Queen of Gleam treatment. However, when we’re visiting for a fixed amount of time, it’s unrealistic to think we can dust every Venetian blind and wash every window. A rough order of priorities is very helpful, confirming what’s essential during each visit and what would be desirable if time permits.

2. Tackle the pots

We’ll gladly wash pots if asked, but it’s probably not the best use of our time! Leaving us an empty draining board means we can clean it straight away, rather than having to wash/dry/store pots and pans before breaking out the cleaning sprays. We’d always recommend using a dishwasher if you have one – today’s appliances are energy/water-efficient and surprisingly quiet in operation.

3. Bag it and bin it

It’s often hard to tell what counts as rubbish and what might need to be kept. Our staff will always use their best judgement to differentiate trash from treasure, but sorting objects into ‘bin’ or ‘keep’ piles eats into our cleaning time. On the morning of our visit, bag up any rubbish and dispose of it in your bins and recycling tubs, freeing our staff to get straight on with cleaning.

4. Make or strip the beds

If instructed, our staff will happily vacuum beds to remove dust mites, before fitting clean bedding. On the other hand, if we’re confronted by a half-made bed, it’s not always obvious what we should do with it. If we walk into a bedroom and the bed is made, we can immediately start dusting and vacuuming. This saves time and confusion, ensuring you come home to find what you’d hoped for.

5. File away paperwork

At Queen of Gleam, we’re very conscious of personal privacy and data sensitivity, especially with so many of our clients working from home. However, a desk strewn with paperwork poses a problem. Moving papers might disturb a ‘filing’ system or expose us to confidential data, but not moving it prevents us cleaning surfaces properly. Please ensure paperwork is filed away prior to our visit.

6. Remember we’re coming!

There are few things more frustrating than arriving at a property and realising nobody is there to let you in. Missed appointments waste travelling time and leave our staff with hours to try and fill – plus, we may not be able to return until the following week. Unless you’re happy to give us a front door key, always add a reminder into your calendar about our next scheduled visit…

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